IWA 2017 – day 3 report – MOHOC

MOHOC is an Elite Ops Military and Tactical Camera is the camera I am the proud owner for over a year now. I got one for myself just before IWA 2016 and I met the owner of MOHOC company last year. So this year when I came around to say hi I stumbled upon such a wide range of useful accessories that I was speechless. 


As you know the design of this camera goes way back and it is a bit of a mystery of itself. When it was launched in 2016 there was not a big press conference but I just appeared on shot show and then later the same year in Nuremberg at the IWA 2016 show.

And in my opinion is the BEST camera any serviceman or airsofter can have.

I use it when working and practicing with Red Cross Slovenia as a medic, I use it every weekend when playing airsoft with my club, I use it to film my driving around and it functions as my dash camera, I use it when visiting museums with my girlfriend.

Bottom line is that this camera is the most practical camera ever. You don’t need no fancy mounting options as for GoPro or Contour or any other camera on the market. Only thing you need is a bit of velcro and you are good to go. And that my friends is only the top of the mountain of awesome characteristics that the camera possesses.

It’s simple one handed operation is possible even when using winter gloves.


It’s battery compartment accepts the standard LiIon battery and you know what it also accepts two CR123A batteries. So you will never run out of power in the field.




It also has the rotating lens so no matter how you orient it you will always get the best shot possible.




And me must not forget that all the functions of the camera can be controlled throughout the designated MOHOC app you can install on your Android or Apple phone. Works through WiFi or BlueTooth. So if you want to change some settings on the fly (leveling the lens with the help of the live feed) or change the resolution of your videos and then review them you only need this app installed.



The features go on and on so here are some press releases that are more of the technical nature.


Settings: 1080p/60FPS, 1080p/30FPS, 720p/120FPS, 720p/60FPS, 720p/30FPS, and time lapse (60 sec, 30 sec, 5 sec, or 3 sec)
Dual Capture: Ability to take still photos while simultaneously recording video (photo capture available while in video settings 1080p/30FPS, 720p/60FPS or 720p/30FPS).
Video Format: MP4. H.264 codec
Video Image Ratio: 16:9
Field of View: 121 degrees
Audio: Stereo
White Balance: Auto-adjust
ISO: Auto (100-3200)



Camera: 12MP
Sensor: CMOS
Image Ratio: 4:3
File Format: .JPG
Field of View: 140 degrees
White Balance: Auto-adjust
ISO: Auto (100-3200)



Waterproof to 30 feet (no additional case required)
Drop resistance to 2m
Dust Protection: IP68
Operating Temperature Range: 14⁰ F to 140⁰ F/-10⁰ C to 60⁰ C
Charging: From empty to full in under 1 hour 30 minutes. For best results plug into wall charger.
Battery Life*: Chart of the estimated life of a fully charged battery during continuous recording in hours and minutes:


Video Setting Rechargeable WiFi OFF
(Est. Time)
CR123A** WiFi OFF
(Est. Time)
Rechargeable WiFi ON & App
(Est. Time)
WiFi ON & App
(Est. Time)
1080p 60FPS 2:05 3:15 1:40 2:30
1080p 30FPS 2:15 3:25 1:45 2:55
720p 120FPS 2:00 3:10 1:30 2:40
720p 60FPS 2:35 4:10 2:00 3:00
720p 30FPS 2:45 5:15 2:15 3:30

*Exact time will vary depending on environmental temperature and camera settings. Over time the battery capacity will decrease.
**We only recommend the highest quality CR123A batteries from Panasonic, Duracell, or Surefire. Battery life varies by battery brand, age, and storage.



Weight: 7.2oz (202 grams) with Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Dimensions: 52mm x 42mm x 88mm (WxHxD)
Microphones: 2 External microphones for stereo audio
Audio: 32kHz – 48kHz depending on video setting
USB: micro 2.0 to recharge battery and download video to computer
Memory: micro SD (micro SD card sold separately)
HDMI: Yes, micro HDMI
Wireless: Yes, 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
Orientation Sensor: Yes built in Gyro Sensor.



Orientation: Adjust video recording orientation. Normal, Upside Down or Auto Adjust. Auto adjust will automatically detect which direction is up using the internal Gyro Sensor when you start a recording or take a photo and record correctly in that orientation.
Loop Record: Choose the length of your loop recording. This is it length of video saved from the point you stop the recording backwards. Never run out of space on your microSD card. Allows you to continuously record video and overwrite older footage. Then when something happens you want to keep just stop the recording and your selected period of time is saved.
Power Save: Increases battery life by dimming the display screen and putting the camera in sleep mode after extended period of inactivity.
Date/Time Stamp: Record the date and time of video and images directly onto footage for additional metadata.


Lots and lots, as you can see.

This year at the MOHOC booth they unveiled new accessories.

The Multi Mount

MOHOC-Multi-Mount-side-1 MOHOC-Multi-Mount-to-GoPro-mount-3Qtr MOHOC-Multi-Mount-to-Tripod


The Shoulder Mount





All in all if you need it MOHOC gots you covered.

And the new prototype is what I was also looking. It will come out at the end of march and it will provide you with even more energy.

The new top cover to which you will be able to attach USB or HDMI cable. And so have constant energy supply.

20170305 IWA 348

20170305 IWA 340


Also a dog mount is also in preproduction.

20170305 IWA 350

20170305 IWA 344

20170305 IWA 342



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