Firesupport News – Marui GBBR Carbine


Major features

  • Realize intense blowback: A new blowback engine adopting a large piston with a diameter of about 19 mm is installed. The bolt works in conjunction with launch, and you can enjoy the unprecedented strong recoil shock.
  • Achieve high durability: New mechanism to prevent wear and breakage of bolt catch Z – System, piston · absorber, friction · relief · bolt roller to reduce the burden on internal parts due to bolt operation, always prevent looseness due to recoil Barrel clamping mechanism that puts out the center of barrel, etc. has improved the durability against intense recoil shock.
  • Realistic movable gimmick: faithfully reproduce the same function as genuine, including initial loading by charging handle operation, bolt catch operation after bolt opening and magazine change, Enhanced Stock which can adjust the length to 6 stages I will. Also, you can carry out attaching / detaching of the carrying handle and field stripping (ordinary disassembly for maintenance) in a form close to the real thing.
  • Pursuing reality also on hidden parts: Double heat shield inside the hand guard, and the initial type in which the outer barrel got thinner in the part entering the hand guard is reproduced. I also stick to the reproducibility of invisible parts.
  • Millspec paint Seracoat: The upper / lower frame and the bolt adopt the seracoat which has a strong coating film and excellent scratch resistance. You can also enjoy the texture as genuine.
  • Adjustable front / rear site: Adjustable top and bottom of the front site can be adjusted with the included adjustment tool. In addition, you can fine-tune the rear site by dialing up, down, left and right respectively.
  • Corresponding to various muzzle options: If you remove the compensator of the muzzle, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.
  • Aluminum die-cast magazine: 35 magazines, aluminum die-cast magazine reproduces the “real magazine weight loaded full of bullets”.
  • Variable hop-up system installed
  • Full auto (repeating) / semi-automatic (single shot) switching type

full length 777 mm / 854 mm (maximum stock extension) Gun height 250 mm weight 2,950 g (when empty magazine is installed) bullet 6 mm BB (0.2 to 0.25 g) Power source HFC134a gas (※ 1) Number of bullets 35 + 1 departure (when one is loaded in the main body) Model name M4A1 Carbine type Assault rifle








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