IWA 2017 – day 2 report – GUNFIRE

Todays visit to the exhibition was a bit hectic as this equation came in effect: weekend + biggest weapons show in europe + Germany = gazillion people.

But that did not dissuade us  from attending the show. As we are loyal to our readers. And we try to bring fresh and relevant news to you.

Lets start with a report from our partner Gunfire whose booths was well stocked and prettied up with good looking models.

Their custom division is responsible for quite a few one shot upgrades that are hard to get. As their mechanic have some maniac ideas how should an upgrade look and perform. Their custom builds are top of the line with unique looks and will make every airsofters drool over.
20170304 IWA 004

The biggest order of custom guns was five. So you can imagine what kind of dedication and love goes in to producing something like this beauty here.

20170304 IWA 006

20170304 IWA 007

20170304 IWA 008

20170304 IWA 009

20170304 IWA 010

20170304 IWA 011

E&L airsoft is well know in airsoft circles so there is no surprise here. But the biggest news is the introduction of AR15 models in their line of products. The rifles look well built with some interesting features as quick release springs and much more.

20170304 IWA 012

They also modernized their AK line so you can expect Key-Mod styled handguards and rails on a lot of their products. Here are just a few samples.

20170304 IWA 014

20170304 IWA 015

20170304 IWA 016

20170304 IWA 017

20170304 IWA 018


Next in line is not exactly a news as they offer the AMOEBA line already for some time.
20170304 IWA 020

20170304 IWA 021

A lot of different shops had these lovely TAGinn grenades on display. And I love it. The Russian mentality is finally hitting the airsoft market so you can expect a lot of exploding things in the future.

20170304 IWA 022


20170304 IWA 024

They are also proud of their new battery line especially designed to fit in to places that users had previously had a lot of problems finding the right ones.

20170304 IWA 026

Here you can see lovely new heavy BBS that are every snipers dream.
20170304 IWA 028

They also have some politically incorrectly marked silencers. That will sure find some enthusiastic owners.

20170304 IWA 029

Their offers also include some well known ASCU units whose buy is the best decision when you upgrade your gun.

20170304 IWA 030

TORNADO line of upgrades include a lot of CNC machined parts whose installment will significantly improve your guns performance.

20170304 IWA 031

20170304 IWA 032

20170304 IWA 033

20170304 IWA 034

20170304 IWA 037

Gunfire was proud to introduce us to their new partner PRIMAL GEAR whose products they had on display.

20170304 IWA 038

20170304 IWA 039

20170304 IWA 040


20170304 IWA 041

20170304 IWA 042

20170304 IWA 043

20170304 IWA 044

20170304 IWA 045

And now we came to the more of the nicer looking guns whose price range and performances are every airsofter dream.
20170304 IWA 047

20170304 IWA 048

20170304 IWA 049

The water transfer is on this gun is one of the best I saw on airsoft guns.

20170304 IWA 050

20170304 IWA 052

20170304 IWA 053

20170304 IWA 054

20170304 IWA 055

20170304 IWA 056

20170304 IWA 057

20170304 IWA 058

20170304 IWA 059

All in all it was a pleasure hanging around on the Gunfires exhibition floor. But duty calls and I have to see everything.

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