The G&G ESG B-10

We are going to do a quick review on the new semi-automatic shotgun from G&G, the Evolution ShotGun Bullpup or in short ESG B-10.

This bullpup shotgun is gas powered and the first thing you will notice is that it uses the standard m4 mags. All the features like sling points, fire selector and other stuff are ambidextrous.
The fire selector has 3 options, safe, 5 bb-s and 10 bb-s. Inside the housing is a single barrel with 14mm ccw on which you can easily put a silencer or tracer, so there is no need to buy specialised shotgun tracers.
In the back of the replica, there is an integrated gas chamber which you can fill with different gases. On top of the replica there is a G36 like carrying handle that you can mount optics on.

We got to try it out on IWA24 and using 0.20g bb-s you will get a nice spread and some distance, while using a 0.28g bb-s the range drops significantly but the spread is more focused. How it works with other gases like red or even black remains to be seen.
The ESG B-10 looks like a replica that will be fun to use while playing in cqb environments, clearing room after room.
Release date is in the summer of 2024 and the pricing should be around 305$ (info gathered at IWA24)

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