IWA 2017 – day 2 report – RedWolf

Our partner RedWolf was besieged by airsofters from all around the world. As they should be. Their booth had the best ratio of new hot items per square meter.

First we must start with Airsoft innovations new addition to the product line. After the success of their cyclone they did not stop but they went head first in to development of the new distraction grenade.

20170304 IWA 062

20170304 IWA 063

20170304 IWA 081

20170304 IWA 080

20170304 IWA 064

20170304 IWA 065

20170304 IWA 066

20170304 IWA 067

20170304 IWA 068

20170304 IWA 069

And for those that were waiting since 2012 for it, here are the first pictures of Airsoft Systems ASAR-15 whose unique features makes it one of the most desirable gun. I was told that production will soon start so we can expect them near the end of April. Lets cross our fingers and hope that will be true. If I get my hands on one I will surely inform you beforehand and make a long review.

20170304 IWA 071

20170304 IWA 072

20170304 IWA 073

20170304 IWA 075

20170304 IWA 078
The most exciting gun that I got in my hands was this. The full metal GBB airsoft rifle from TOKYO MARUI. Yes you heard that right. This is so awesome that my brain is failing me when I am trying to put my excitement in to words.
20170304 IWA 084

I believe the gun will provide awesome performance in the field. Cant wait to have it in my hands.

20170304 IWA 086

The next thing that they brought me to admire was this replica of Lee Nfield No4 MK. I and I must say that I am in love. Real wood compemented with smooth operation and it just feels right when you are holding it. This is the gun to have. If not for airsoft it will look awesome on your wall above the mantlepiece.

20170303 IWA 097

Pistols and rifles that went through the hands of RedWolfs Airsoft Surgeon are simply put the work of art. A mundane pistol is transformed in something that not only performs above all expectations but its unique looks will surely draw eyes to it. Their precision ment for airsoft IPSC transfers  really well in to god mode pistols on the airsoft field. 20170304 IWA 328

They also had a lot of unique rifles and pistols whose only purpose was to make passersby stop and stare.

20170304 IWA 330

20170304 IWA 331

20170304 IWA 332

20170304 IWA 333

20170304 IWA 334

20170304 IWA 335

20170304 IWA 337

20170304 IWA 338

20170304 IWA 339

20170304 IWA 340

20170304 IWA 341

20170304 IWA 343

20170304 IWA 344

20170304 IWA 345

20170304 IWA 348

20170304 IWA 349

20170304 IWA 350

20170304 IWA 351

All in all one of the most visited airsoft booths on the show. And because of the well informed and friendly staff who came from all around the world I could spent days joust hanging around. But jet again duty calls and I must move forward in to unknown with a happy grin on my face.

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