Official Licensed SLR Rifleworks AK Series

Receiving this letter was a surprise and a good one. New models of AK from DYTAC are incoming and they look positively tacticool. And as I am succker for all tactical AK and not the usual plain wood one this is a Christmas for me. So I will cut myself short and went right to the news.

Dytac and SLR Rifleworks USA have been working together since 2016 and we set up the SLR Airsoftworks, aimed to develop and manufacture the best Airsoft rifles and parts for the Airsoft community.

We build some handsome and stylish SLR compensators, handguards and parts; as well as the M4 SOLO series AEG, people like them and like them a lot. Our next line, the SLR AK series is coming and will be available in the first quarter of 2018.We have some pictures here of the initial samples to share with you. No doubt that these are one of the best looking AK out there now, and we will make sure the final products are even better.

Some pictures for you all to drool over.

daytac 01

daytac 02


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