For year 2017 the R.A. Action organizers team will try to surpass players expectations who will participate in WarZone 5 “The Green Zone”. Some of the improvements and additions that will be presented are:


General organization

– Improved operation of outdoor food providing facilities at the two main basecamps  (GRC, Octapus) by offering homemade food.

– Outdoor chemical toilets and outdoor showers at GRC, Octapus & United Nations basecamps.

– Increased number of volunteers and experienced players offering their help in order to cover all demands in human resurces. (trustees, game masters, check in desk, etc)

– Create WarZONE web forum for more direct information for participants and better preparation for the factions.



– Further strengthening of each factions Command teams using experienced airsoft players who showed high strategy abilities and battle tactics knowledge.

– Main base camps reinforced using a perimeter wall and fortifications at control gates.

– Increase CQB engagements with the construction of buildings (villages) in the field.

– Introduce moveable entrenchments, placed at the discretion of field commanders concidering the battle needs.

– Higher filtering in special purpose units in each faction (special forces).

– Troop transport vehicles for each faction and strengthening of motorized units overall with four more vehicles.

– Ensure a place in military tents for all participants.

– Continuous issuing mission flow through the hierarchy of the Central Command (mission orientated gameplay).

-Motorbike scout units

– Improve gameplay by adopting the use of red light flasher type for the statement hit during the evening gaming and using orange marker vests during the day (death rag).
Behavior & Proper Mindset

– Upgrading WarZone Behavior Control System, the only way to improve the participants behavior without damaging the game. Every player may check all players and all are checked by everyone!!! Note down your complaints and participants armband numbers with improper behavior. Then give all this feedback to organizers and they exclude from future events players with bad attitude.

– Further increase the authorities and responsibilities of game masters, observers and warzone trustees.

– Increase of random checks for: bbs number in magazines, magazine type, use of bio bbs, the total number bbs per player and of course the FPS of air guns in use.