AW Custom and their new K00001 replica

A new product came from AW Custom and ti is beautiful piece of hardware. It is a faithful copy of Mauser C96 a popular pistol that saw the light of day in 1896. The gun found it use in both world wars and also with slight modifications came to the silver screen. Wielded with great accuracy by the beloved smuggler Han Solo. And this is the gun that AW Custom decided to replicate in all its glory. So with a Blaster kit also provided from their site, you can have the most iconic blaster ever made in your possession.

AW Custom replica bears the K00 marking and is entirely hand crafted, and in limited numbers. So if you wish to know more just follow the links below.


K00 Series Pistol kits – Handmade Limited Edition


We’re proud to introduce the latest model in our growing range of competition race pistols; the AW Custom™ K00 Series Pistol Kits.
From the depths of AW Custom’s skunkworks division far, far away, AW Custom™ is proud to announce the Limited Edition K00 Series Pistol Kits!
With the AW Custom™ K00 Series Pistol kits you’ll finally be able to answer the question, ‘who shot first?’.
For those that want to use the force the pistol itself also features both single shot and fully automatic firing modes.


AW Custom™K00 Series Pistol

The K00 Series Pistol features pre-drilled holes for mounting the custom made K00 Series scope kits. The reticle on the non-magnifying scope on the right side of the pistol kit will help you to perform a quick aim one-handed, and the old german machine-gun style flash hider provides the pistol with the excellent weight distribution to keep the pistol perfectly balanced in the hand.

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• CNC finished aluminum alloy construction
• Futuristic and historical fusion design
• Pre-drilled holes for installing the scope mount for the original non-magnifying scope
• Old german machine-gun style flash hider gives the pistol kits excellent weight distribution
• Adjustable rear 500 yard tangent sights
• Crisp single shot gas blow back cycling and blisteringly fast full auto action
• Imitation wood pistol grips
• Functional thumb safety

The Blaster Kit can or K00000 can also be found on their site and when combined with the gun you get Han Solo’s renowned DL-44 heavy blaster pistol.

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