WOSPORT new mask incoming and they are smashing

WOSPORT is a true and tested manufacturer of protection gear and you all are probablly wearing something of theirs in the CQB arenas. This time they have really outdone themselves and produced a bunch of new masks that will entice many of you. Here are just some of them.


First in line is the V for Vendetta half masks. The design offers protection while being as comfortable as possible,


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And it also comes in different colours.


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Next in line is

内页_01 内页_04


Next are true and tested masks with new camo options.


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内页_01 内页_03 内页_02 内页_08 内页_07 内页_06 内页_05 内页_04

And my favourite mask of them all.

封面1-1 封面2. 封面3 未标题-1

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