DYTAC NEW addition 9M Style Silencer with build in Xcortech XT-301 Tracer Unit

DYTAC added these awesome looking SF Ryder 9M style silencers here to their online stock. There are 3 versions available: A plain silencer; silencer with Xcortech Xt-301 tracer; and silencer with Xcortech Xt-301 tracer and power up barrel. They really look badass and what is more important they come with 2 end plates, one with -14mm and one with +16mm thread so they will fit almost every gun.

20180816 DYTC 1


20180816 DYTC 2 20180816 DYTC 3

OMG-SS01B-BK         Ryder 9M Style Silencer



20180816 DYTC 4

OMG-SS01B-T-BK      Ryder 9M Style Silencer w/ XT-301 Mini Tracer


20180816 DYTC 5 20180816 DYTC 6

OMG-SS01B-CO-BK   Ryder 9M Style Silencer w/ XT-301 Mini Tracer and Power Up Barrel

The 9M silencer series are in stock now and please feel free to contact them if you would like to order them.

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