RWA announced cooperation to launch Fortis Manufacturing licensed products

RWA strikes again. This time with cooperation between Fortis Manufacturing. The well known manufacturer based in Kentucky. Their legendary looking handguards and rifle accessories found their place on military rifles and competition setups. As their lightweight but sturdy design has proven it’s value time after time. So RWA is proud to announce that the select pieces of awesome gear from Fortis Manufacturing will be soon available to airsoft public. I myself can’t contain the excitement. RWA got my attention already when they announced collaboration with  Battle Arms Development. With all the new products that are arriving to RWA I feel like kid at christmas. Enjoy some nice examples of what Fortis Manufacturing has produced.

1-640x480 switch-556-12-h-640x480 switch-556-12-e-640x480 switch-556-12-d-640x480 shift-12-640x480 shift-11-640x480 shift-2-640x480 muzzle-brake-2015-g-640x480 muzzle-brake-2015-b-640x480 hammer-7-640x480 hammer-3-640x480 dmg4-640x480 10-640x480 9-640x480 8-640x480 7-640x480 6-640x480 5-640x480 4-640x480 3-640x480

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