Dominator – DM870 Shell – Ejecting Shotgun

Dominator is the new arrival on the airsoft market. And it’s arrival sure made some waves. Their flagship DM870 shell-ejecting shotgun sure tickles every airsofters pleasure center. As we want more realism when hunting our friends around the field. So let me cut the introduction short and let’s get to business.


Dominator??DM870 Shell-Ejecting Shotgun


The DM870 is compatible with a huge range of realistic aftermarket shotgun shells. Shells come in two variants (CO2/Gas) and are refilled using a CO2/Gas charger and have a capacity of 3 or 4 BB’s per shell depending on shell type.



The DM870 uses a complete set of high-quality steel components including the CNC-machined receiver, outer barrel, bolt carrier assembly, and trigger group. Built rock-solid and reliable.



Cerakote is an extremely tough polymer-ceramic coating known for it’s legendary durability, wear, and corrosion resistance. (*Cerakote is an optional extra)

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Attention To Detail

The level of build quality and attention to detail is incredible. Designed to be a realistic combat training shotgun, the DM870 field strips just like the real-steel, and is built rock-solid and reliable. Weight, manufacturing processes, and materials have all been carefully considered to provide you with the ultimate shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun.



Manufactured to RealSpec

Manufactured to RealSpec, the DM870 is fully-compatible with a huge range of real-steel accessories and components, allowing for nearly unlimited customisation options.



Dominator? DM870 Shell-Ejecting Shotgun


The DM870 has been engineered from the ground up to be the most realistic shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun ever manufactured.
Dominator? has refined decades of firearms and airsoft manufacturing experience into the DM870.
Every metal component in this shotgun is manufactured out of steel, including the CNC steel receiver, magazine tube, barrel, trigger group, and bolt assembly among many other components.
The DM870 is the ultimate airsoft shotgun, whether you’re competing against the best in a 3-Gun competition, training for combat and law enforcement, or competing at your local airsoft field.



? CNC Machined Full Steel Receiver
? CNC Machined Full Steel Outer Barrel
? CNC Machined Full Steel Bolt Carrier
? CNC Machined Full Steel Trigger Group
? Individually loaded and gassed shot shells
? Capable of mixing and matching shell loads per-user preference
? Incredibly smooth, realistic action and internals
? Realistic shot patterning; resembles standard defensive loads
? Realistically ejects and loads shells like an actual pump-action shotgun
? Shell Ejecting 4 + 1 Rounds
? Compatible with a wide range of third-party gas and CO2 shotgun shells
? Parkerized Steel Finish
? Cerakote Firearm Coating (*optional)
? Realistic Field Strip and Body Construction
? Precision Inner Barrel
? Rubber shock-resistant butt pad
? Front Bead Sight Included



? Bore Size: 6.04mm Precision Inner Barrel
? Box Length: 906mm
? Box Width: 215mm
? Box Height: 75mm
? Shotgun Length: 990mm
? Muzzle Velocity Per Projectile: ~300 FPS
? Firing Modes: Safe/Fire
? System: Gas/Pump-Action
? Hopup: No Hopup
? Materials: Steel, FRP (Fibre-reinforced polymer)

Shell Type #1:
? Shell Type 1 Capacity: 3 Rounds/Shell
? Shell Type 1: 6mm CO2 Shotgun Shells

Shell Type #2:
? Shell Type 2 Capacity: 4 Rounds/Shell
? Shell Type 2: 6mm Top Gas/Green Gas Shotgun Shells

? 1 x DM870 Shell Ejecting Airsoft Shotgun
? 2 x CO2 Shotgun Shells

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