RedWolf: PTS Enhance Polymer Magazine for PTW

RedWolf is proud to present the all new enhanced magazine for PTW and much much more 😀 especially LCT offers stand out of the crowd. So if you are in the search for quality AEG look no further. LCT is a standard offer at the RedWolf site so go have a look.


PTS 150rds Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM) for Systema PTW M4 Series – BK

The PTS 150rds Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM) for Systema PTW M4 Series is a spare mag for your Systema PTW M4. When one mag isnt enough this is your solution!



Novritsch 555 rds 0.30g / 0.36g / 0.40g / 0.46g Sniper BBs

Since Novritsch started airsoft sniping 8 years ago, he hasnt found a white heavy weight sniper BB that fits his requirements.

USD$8.99 / 11.99 / 14.99 / 16.99


LCT LCKS74UN NV AEG (New Version)

LCT tried very hard to make the best replicas as there are parts that really show off its AK74 qualities. For instance, the flash hider is a dead giveaway and the magazine is a lot slimmer as it holds different caliber bullets.




The LCT LCKMMS is a finely made AEG as it’s made out of Aluminium and Steel to give its weight, which is around 3.5 KG.



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