Dytac M-Lok and Keymod Rail Handguard for 870 Shotgun!

Our friends at Dytac produced something special for all of the owners of 870 shotguns. The simple and to the point handguard really is pleasing to the eye. So I am cutting my ramblings short and going to the point.


Simplicity is always one the best way to go. We keep things nice and simple here and this is how we came up with these products here, the M-Lok and Keymod Rail Handguard for 870 Shotgun.

Nothing fancy but just a robust piece which able to give you all details and functions you need. Metal build so it is strong enough to take up all the challenges.

DY-RAS64DM-M-BK             M-Lok Rail Handguard for DM870 and APS870

DY-RAS64DM-K-BK              Keymod Rail Handguard for DM870 and APS870

DY-RAS64TK-M-BK              M-Lok Rail Handguard for TM870

DY-RAS64TK-K-BK               Keymod Rail Handguard for TM870

2018.07.24 dytac 01

2018.07.24 dytac 02

2018.07.24 dytac 03

These items would be available end of Sep 2017 and we are taking preorder at the moment. Please contact us for further info, thank you very much!

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