FMA AVS-10 Dummy is at it again. Them being one of the best manufacturers of airsoft related gear as you can see on their site. This time they are presenting us something really awesome for us milsim enthusiasts.

The AVS-10 replica is a must for all special forces misimers or cos-players. And it looks pretty as hell.

Manufacturer: FMA

name: AVS10 model

material: nylon

weight: 375g


TB1319 AVS10 11 TB1319 AVS10 12

TB1319 AVS10 2 TB1319 AVS10 3 TB1319 AVS10 4 TB1319 AVS10 5 TB1319 AVS10 8 TB1319 AVS10 9 TB1319 AVS10 10 TB1319 AVS10 DE 1 TB1319 AVS10 DE 2 TB1319 AVS10 DE 3

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