Gunfire press release

Gunfire became one of most renowned European airsoft sellers and they are keeping their place on top with awesome gear that is up to date and desired from airsofters.

Couple of new deliveries in Gunfire with one really hot – Specna Arms Heavy Grade BBs.

Specna Arms Heavy Grade BBs


With the last delivery of Specna Arms BBs we’ve received something completely new: professional Specna Arms Heavy BBs – 0.36, 0.40 and 0.43! They are high quality, precision BBs made on Taiwan, thoroughly polished and guaranteeing high repeatability of shots. They are perfect for replicas which require “a little” higher caliber than regular airsoft bullets. Specna Arms Heavy BBs can be found in handy bottles/jars containing 2000 pcs.

Only now you can have them 10% or even 15% cheaper using extra 5% discount code from our newsletter!

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