FMA: Helmets in NEW AOR1 and AOR2 pattern

FMA is a world known producer of quality tactical replicas and this time they came out with new pattern helmets. You can enjoy their stunning look in the pictures below.

2016-09-10-fma-a001 2016-09-10-fma-a002 2016-09-10-fma-a003 2016-09-10-fma-a004 2016-09-10-fma-a005 2016-09-10-fma-a006 2016-09-10-fma-a007 2016-09-10-fma-a008 2016-09-10-fma-a009 2016-09-10-fma-a010 2016-09-10-fma-w001 2016-09-10-fma-w002 2016-09-10-fma-w003 2016-09-10-fma-w004 2016-09-10-fma-w005 2016-09-10-fma-w006 2016-09-10-fma-w007 2016-09-10-fma-w008 2016-09-10-fma-w009 2016-09-10-fma-w010

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