KingArms SBR review – 2nd part

And here we are at the second part of review of the best KingArms airsoft SBR rifle you could wish to find tomorrow under the Christmas tree.

I will answer the question here so you don’t need to read the rest – YES, THE GUN IS THAT GOOD.

And now the reasons why it has dislodged my DMR rifle and became my primary gun.

In the last 2 months I used it in its AEG configuration  and attended quite a lot of different games at different locations. From fast paced CQB in the abandoned hotels to speed CQB at local arena to the slow paced stalking games in the woods. And in every situation I got myself in to the gun simply excelled.

The gun was made for CQB with its light body, short barrel that allows quick transitions even in the most confined spaces and responsive trigger that allows quick follow up shots. The fact that it uses standard  airsoft MP5 magazines only adds to its practical value. But as it is made by KingArms you can expect that this is not the only thing that excels at. During games in the woods it also showed that it should not be trifled with. With a small change of my game play it became quite the collector of surprise kills all over the field.

And now the internals.

I usually get all my test guns through at least 50k bbs before ending the review these here is the gearbox after the first 10k rouns.



And as you can see it is in the pristine condition. I did not believe it myself when I first opened it. The thing that mostly gets levelled up are the teeth of the piston. What you see here is the result of damn good engineering and exceptional good shimming of the gears.

And did I tell you that you can quick change the spring 😀



And as you can see here the design of this V2 gearbox takes care of the problem of breaking of the front of the gearbox quite nicely. With all the sharp edges around the cylinder nicely rounded.



And we should not forget the mosfet that is so nicely put in which allows the use of 11.1V batteries and quick trigger response.


And you know what as a repair man I adore this gearbox as it is really easy to open up and replace something. Everything just sticks without any additional modifications.

Usually the first thing we test is the quality of compression and leakage of air around the nozzle. Most nozzles without the inner O-ring  don’t pass this test and need to be replaced. But not in this case. KingArms knows what is doing so have no fear in that area.




And my conclusion is this. GET THIS GUN

1 – light

2 – CQB monster

3 – has good quality mosfet

3 – Standard MP5 magazines you can find everywhere

4 – excellent V2 gearbox that can be easily upgraded, repaired, …

5- quick response of the trigger

6 – looks really nice (additional models incoming with more fancy M-lok handguards)

7 – works in every situation you can get yourself in to

8 – effective range around 50m can be expanded if you add longer barrel and new cylinder but it is only a recommendation.


What is bad about the gun.

1 – the polymer magazine that comes with it is rubbish. Mine stopped feeding on the 4th fill up as the spring got stuck somewhere inside.


And that is it. My next project is to replace the gearbox with my trusty HPA and see how it works. Will keep you updated.



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