RedWolf and the Most Advanced Remote Control Claymore Mine By Duel Code

And here it its a new top picks from RedWolf. And this claymore will sure get your attention.

Duel Code Claymore Electro-Mechanical Mine Simulator w/ Motion Sensor & Remote Control

The Duel Code Claymore Electro-Mechanical Mine Simulator w/ Motion Sensor & Remote Control, or just the Claymore Mine for short has an infrared sensor allows the use at any time of the day.


APS Black Hornet Plus Semi / Auto SMG

After a long period of development, a fully automatic GBB pistol named Black Hornet Plus is now available in Q3 of 2017.


King Arms Thompson M1928 Chicago

This King Arms model makes use of a version 6 style gearbox, a tried and trusted system for many years now which means it works well as is but also has the potential for upgrades.


Umarex (VFC) HK45 Compact Tactical (Asia Version) – Metal Grey

The gun itself has a good amount of weight and even though its a compact, it doesn’t feel overly small.


Gun Heaven (Win Gun) 708 S5 6mm Co2 Revolver – Silver

The full metal body and 2.5 inch snub nose revolver design makes this awesome Airsoft gun feel solid and gives it a realistic weight.


Cybergun SIG Sauer P226 X-Five Co2 – Silver

When you think about race guns there are a few things you want from it. Good trigger, Good grip feel, and easy manipulation. Touted to be a competition style pistol, this sure does seem to have those external features that make it out to be one.




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