FMA GPNVG 18 replica

For all you milsim fans the FMA answered your wishes and released the updated version of GPNVG 18.




Manufacturer: FMA
Material: PA66 nylon
Weight: 485 g
Products include: 1 GPNVG18 ontology model, 1 root power cord, power supply box 1 (can accommodate four CR123A batteries), several simulation decorative stickers, Velcro 1 power supply box, colorless lens before 4, colorless lens cover plates after two, after the blue mirror two cover plates, blue eyepiece lens 2, white eyepiece lens slices 2 (this has been installed on the ontology)
This GPNVG18 model and PVS18 like PVS15 general Wilcox series skip stents and Norotos NVG support!

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