IWA 2018 – SRC (Star Rainbow Company) Airsoft Stall.

SRC is well known frim. I first came upon them when they started producing all steel versions of AEG bodys. Practically indestructible. I still have one of their rifles to this day. Changed the internals a bit but it still works.

This year they are presenting their new addition to their line of AEG rifles. Here are some shots from their stall.

20170305 IWA 179

20170305 IWA 190

20170305 IWA 189

20170305 IWA 188

20170305 IWA 187

20170305 IWA 186

20170305 IWA 185

20170305 IWA 184

20170305 IWA 183

20170305 IWA 182

20170305 IWA 181

20170305 IWA 180


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