IWA 2018 – G&G Armament Booth with Polarstar Corner

And here we go. This year I made a wise decision to arrive to lovely city of Nuremberg a day early. So I had enough energy to run around #iwa2018 all day. The first manufacturer I stumbled upon was G&G Armament as their flashy stall is seen from half the hall away. And as you probably know me I am a sucker for all Polarstar made items so I had to visit them. Here are some pictures from the encounter. There I had also a pleasure to be introduced to a few interesting things that G&G Armament is preparing for you all in 2018 early 2019.

20170305 IWA 007

First things first. On this picture here you can see all the new offerings from G&G in the GBB pistol department and two new LMG for your support roles.

20170305 IWA 009

So let’s talk about GBB pistols. Their updated pistols all have new whirl cylinder valve that reduces frost that builds up when you are shooting. Less frost means greater reliability and smaller drop in power when you are taking shots.




But let us talk about GTP 9 the new original pistol from G&G. The feel and the handling of the gun is really good and as the price will be around 150$ then it will be quite a competitor in the airsoft field.

As you can see the gun has a lot of ambidextrous controls and thought out safety features. Gun has similar dimensions as the popular Glock so it will fit without a problem in a lot of holster designs easily.



Here you can see the place where the tool for adjusting hop up is housed. You pop it up and the you insert it in the barrel opening and with rotating either way you can easily adjust the hop up without the need for disassembly.




For easier understanding here is the video they released.



But for the times you need more precision the G&G designed the upgrade for GTP9 and it is called SMC9

Usually if you wanted more precision from your handgun you had to insert in a plastic housing. When you are using real guns that option is really viable but what bonuses you get when you use GBB pistols. The answers is not surprising. Not much. Only thing that slightly improves is the precision.

So here comes G&G with their novel idea of SMC9. So instead of inserting the whole gun you only insert the lower part that houses trigger group. Upper part now has longer barrel which improves precision, FPS. Looks awesome too.


At the right of the picture near the white markings you can find the full auto button.







HOP UP adjustment is the same, through the barrel.


And here is a video for you all.

And as you have seen already in previous posts there is a exciting secret that came at light at IWA 2018. They decided to produce the beloved Lee Enfield N0.4 Mk II in the gas flavour. The design of the gun is so realistic I almost thought that I am holding the real version. They come in two flavours. Standard one and sniper version with added scope rings.







Looks awesome right.

The best part is the magazine. In the shape of 5 .303 british rounds. It holds 9 BB’s and gas for their propulsion. It can be inserted with the magazine or form the top. So I hope to see mad minute attempts on Youtube when the gun comes to the public.



In the butstock you have hop up adjustment tool.


This screw here is a hop up adjustment point for the tool.



And with the tool you can also adjust the front sight.


Now the video.

And now we go on LMG. It is light and it is a machine gun. You don’t need to know more. Has M-LOK attachment points so it will accept a bunch of different accessories.




And here is the video in which you can find out even more.


20170305 IWA 013

20170305 IWA 022

20170305 IWA 023

And then we arrive to ARP9 the flagship of G&G. I have seen 3 different variants. The battleship grey looks awesome as the grey is the new black in the world of guns.

20170305 IWA 014

There was also a limited edition of ARP9 with purple highlights.


But they were all sold so this here is one and only unicorn gun. As rare as it gets.

The new addition to the ARP9 is also the version that accepts M4 magazines.


And there is also an upgrade to the guns internals.


The G2 system brings a lot of innovative functions I could write about them but it is better if I show them

20170305 IWA 015














Thair upgrades got a lot of attention too.

20170305 IWA 020

20170305 IWA 018 20170305 IWA 025


And here is Polarstar’s new micro regulator. Look really good.

20170305 IWA 344


New offset V2 version of F2 engine.

20170305 IWA 347


And of course we must not forget their new flagship. PR-15 training weapon. A HPA system so optimized everything falls in place and in the body of a standard M4.

20170305 IWA 348

20170305 IWA 349

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