Deepfire made name with titanium teethed pistons. These products are reliable and resist well to the usual wear and tear. Over the time, Deepfire introduced a number of parts, mostly for V2 gearbox. Business plan is simple- make your name with high quality small, but vital parts and when your catalog is thick enough it is fairly easy to assemble a proper replica. Deepfire followed this tried and tested plan and announced their entrance on the AEG market. As you all very well know, AEG market is over saturated and any newcomer must show quite a lot in order to be successful in such competitive and often even cutthroat environment.

And, what is the verdict?

We were kindly given the opportunity to review shortest version with 7″ barrel. Replica is visually very pleasing and shoots well, but before we go any further – a warning, which we will repeat several times in order to properly sink in: this is not a final version of the replica, but rather a prototype. It is not entirely finished and end product may differ from reviewed one.

Box is fairly ordinary and protects the replica from the rigors of the transport. Prominent sticker on the cover saying Titanium gear box set reveals main selling point over competition. Box is “one size fits all” variety, as Deepfire announced three different models on the same platform: M4 7″ MRF-C-CQB, M4 7″ MRF-C-Carbine and M4 7″ MRF-C-X Extended model. Main difference is naturally barrel length.

Back to first impression. But first a little f-u for our customs, which disassembled replica to verify that it is not an actual firearm (we are cool with that). Geniuses in green than “assembled” replica and managed to damage plastic part, which opens the ejection port. On the upside- parts are 100% compatible with corresponding Marui parts. Charging handle works and opens ejection port, making HopUp adjustment real easy.

Finish is excellent. Finish is deep matte black. Our replica has no markings but body is very nice and convincing. As this is prototype, body was devoid of any markings, but this is about to change. There will be individual serial numbers (our has number 00000). Again, trades will change in time of the actual release.

Family of M4/M16 has without a doubt the biggest number of after market parts available. This means that manufacturers are able to pick and choose which part will they use on their product. Of course, this also translates in airsoft. In our opinion Deepfire choose well.

Grip is a copy of Battlegrip BG 16 in original manufactured by Tango Down. It has fairly aggressive texture and nicely curved grip provides good ergonomics- much better than original A2 grip. Curvature is simply amazing and feels just right.

Sights are copy of Troy Battlesights, which are – in our modest opinion – best BUIS sights there are. Their main feature is that they don’t use any spring, which is loud and could in time loose its properties.

M4 7″ MRF-C-CQB has both front and rear BUIS sight and both are fine products, with proper inscriptions. Only criticism is that front sight slightly wobbles, but to be fair, it is barely noticeable.

RAS is also replica of Troy’s products. It is made by CNC process, which means that edges are sharply defined. T- numbers are laser engraved and on all 4 rail quadrants. They even throw in 3 rail covers, replicas of Tango down. Another “best in the category” product.

Despite free float RAS sleeve barrel does not wobble one bit. It is very solid and it is additionally reinforced by prominent muzzle brake, which presses against RAS sleeve.

Muzzle brake replicates Noveske KH3 muzzle brake. This can be seen as logical solution as this is replica of short barreled M4, which generally have considerable trouble in keeping up reliable full auto fire. Piggy break helps in maintaining an ample supply of gases, needed for full auto operation. In airsoft this is naturally only an accessory.

Crane stock is fairly typical product but sadly, a weak point of this replica. Why so? We can find at least three reasons for this: first, plastic looks and feels bit thin. Secondly, plugs does not safely click into position and third, it can store only small cell batteries (but than again, real Crane stores CR123 batteries, which are in size about the same as small battery cells).

Replica comes equipped with Dean connector, which is probably the best connector there is, but may pose a compatibility issue.

Magazine is typical HiCap, with no special features. Note- MagPul on the first picture is not a part of the package.

In short: visually speaking Deepfire M4 replica is winner. How about internally? In our test (approximately 10.000 BBs) we encountered no problems whatsoever. List of the parts is impressive.

Internals are high end, as far as regular gearboxes are concerned. Gearbox shell has interesting sandy texture with inscription of the manufacturer.

Gearbox is 6mm V2 with oil less bushings. Piston uses aluminum head, which is mounted on full metal teeth piston. Teeth are coated with Titanium. Internal parts are complemented with metal spring guide.
Anti-reversal latch is also Titanium coated, as is torque gear set with Deepfire markings.

Last, but not least- HopUp chamber is metal, with one piece design.

Effectiveness of titanium coating is hotly disputed. In our opinion titanium coated products do offer enhancement in reliability. In all my time in airsoft I’ve only seen one shattered Deepfire piston – with piston teeth intact. As far as visual inspection of the gearbox goes: only part, showing slight wear of the the titanium coating is an anti reversal latch, other parts look factory new.

Replica is short and very handy (it is basically a copy of TROY M7A1 Close Quarter Battle Covert Deployment Carbine). Exit speeds are very constant 100 m/s. Coupled with 6,03mm inner barrel this means a very solid range.

Another important feature is that this one is loud. Very loud (for AEG, at least). Short barrel, metal piston head and Noveske type muzzle brake very loud and intimidating. From the practical point of view, nothing but praise.

But to original question- does Deefire has something new to offer? Lets recap: M4 replicas are done to death. However, Deepfire M4 is solidly put together and gearbox parts are at least as good if not better than your usual parts. If M4s are your thing- look at Deepfire- it is more than pleasant surprise.

Test item provided by Deepfire

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