The next evolution of AEG’s is here!

G&G Armament never sleeps and they always tinker for the good of all airsofters. This time they come up with the new design for V2 gearbox. Outdated design of V2 gearbox is the main culprit for the breakage when you install the spring which is more powerful then the original. And G&G came up with the nifty design and solved this problem.

2018.04.11 gg 1

2018.04.11 gg 2

2018.04.11 gg 3

Introducing the newest MBR Series from G&G Armament. The new MBR Series features our revolutionary G2 gearbox for superior performance and range straight out of the box. The TR16 MBR 556WH comes with an M-LOK metal rail and is compatible with any M4 magazines. Whereas, the TR16 MBR 308SR and TR16 MBR 308WH come with a metal Keymod rail and a proprietary 40r 308-style magazine.
The G2 is reinforced by more than 70% in height and 74% in thickness than previous V2 gearbox to prevent any front-end cracking.  Internally, it has a double O-ring air nozzle for a tighter seal, 50% thicker padded cylinder head for better compression and redesigned bevel gear engagements for high-caliber performance. In addition, we upgraded the electronic trigger unit (E.T.U) for a 5-round and 3-round burst and made the MOSFET 50% smaller. Lastly, the G2 is equipped with a quick spring change and magazine power cut –off detection for safety and compliance in any environment.

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