Enimine – smart bouncing mine new on Indiegogo

We all know that mines in airsoft don’t really work very well. Claymores that are used in most matches are a bit of a pain to set up those that you step on are also useless as people mostly miss them. As we airsofters don’t have the budget of a standing military we can’t mine everything we want to. So here comes ENIMINE first airsoft Bouncing Betty. Here is a short description from the designers and a link if you want to support them.

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My partner and I are two fans and players of Airsoft and we invested more then an year of work and money on a really innovative project. We invented a tecnological bouncing mine for airsoft with trigger by a microwave radar system. We’re online on indiegogo now. https://igg.me/at/enimine-airsoft/x/14001250
If we will able to raise enough funds we could produce it and put it on the market. We would like to make it known to all airsoft lovers so that they can start talking about. If you like the project and if you’d like to help us, this is our instagram account @enimine.airsoft – facebook : https://www.facebook.com/enimine.airsoft and here is a youtube video that explains everything.

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