eHobbyAsia Special Discount & New Release Products

New and legendary items from our favourite supplier of airsoft goodies. eHobbyAsia once agains proves its well deserved supremacy in fresh additions of airsoft guns and gear of the best quality.


1.EAC (GHK) G5 Bullup Custom GBB

EAC (GHK) G5 Bullup Custom GBB
Realistic, Stable & Powerful Recoil System by GHK
This product adopts DuPont ™ toxic-free, high-strength plastics.

Custom Works:
SRU Bullup Prototype Kit (3D Printing Technology Bullpup kit) – Include Frame, Stock & Rail Shroud With Hand Stop

ambidextrous System Magazine Release and Safety Selector
125mm Outer Barrel With 45mm Metal Flashider (14mm CCW)
20mm RIS Rail System handguard
Cocking Handle can be locked & released (Able to move to Right / Left side)
Flip up Front Sight
30 rounds loading capacity Polymer Gas magazine (New Design)

Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling
Remember to check out our Store for accessories

Come With Hard Case (850mm x 315mm x 135mm)


2.EAC (LCT) Tactical ACS AK AEG


3.EAC (LCT) Tactical AK AEG
EAC (LCT) Tactical AK AEG


4.G&P Signature Receiver
G&P Signature Receiver

5.5.11 RUSH USA 3 Day Pack (Black)
5.11 RUSH USA 3 Day Pack (Black)

6.5.11 Tactical Hexgrid Plate Carrier
5.11 Tactical Hexgrid Plate Carrier

7.5.11 TPT Rechargeable Flashlight
5.11 TPT Rechargeable Flashlight

8.WE Double M4 GBB Rifle Magazine
WE Double M4 GBB Rifle Magazine

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