RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops Giveaway & Ghost Recon: Wildlands Sale @ RedWolf Airsoft

RWA brand of Nighthawk Custom 1911 pistols is one of the truly awesome series that came out of RWA. Their solid feel is complemented with excellent precision and reliability. And we should not forget that all versions look badass. When sporting my own I sure receive a lot of envious looks.

And now you can have your own, as RedWolf is organizing the Giveaway. And these are the instructions to get one.



Visit the following link to learn more about our Giveaway promotion:



1911 Takedown Challenge!

To participate, simply:
1. Like our Facebook Page
2. Share this video on your Timeline
3. Attach your 1911 takedown video in the comment section below

The rules are simple:
1. Participant must first have a timer presented in front of the screen from start to finish of the video
2. Before it starts, the 1911 must have its magazine loaded and the hammer must be at a “hammer down” position
3. Participant may not start until the timer starts
4. For this challenge, participants will not need to remove the barrel spring from the outer barrel during the takedown challenge
5. Once the entire slide is disassembled, the participant must place both hands on the table before they can continue on reassembling the 1911
6. The 1911 must return to its starting condition and the participant must once again place both hands on the table in order for the timer to stop

Submission deadline is April 2nd 11:59pm Hawaiian Aleutian Standard Time! Winner will be announced on April 10th, 2017.


Also, could you also let your viewers know that RedWolf Airsoft is now having a Wildlands Sale!


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