Hyde Definition’s new Pen-Cott patterns: Blizzard Wildwood and Mistral Metropolis

Today we received some uplifting news about the upcoming pattern from Hyde Definition. An UK based company specialized in producing one of the most recognizable patterns on the market, the Penn-Cott . Their broad selection of camo patterns is very useful for military and airsoft use. Their patterns are especially looked for in our airsoft circles. Because they proved exceptional concealment further away and that effect is also transmitted to close encounters. As our engagements are ranging in about 70 – 100 metres. So being almost invisible is the most assured way to win the game. And Pen-Cott camo variants excel in that area, until the Predator invisibility field is invented, that is.

Today I bring you news about two new patterns that will be revealed on IWA. The patterns are called the Blizzard Wildwood and Mistral Metropolis.

Here is the info provided to us by Hyde Definition.


UR Tactical showcases new PenCott-MetroPolis® camouflage pattern at IWA

Hong Kong based tactical gear and clothing one-stop-shop UR Tactical will among the first global retailers to showcase the new MetroPolis® camouflage pattern from Hyde Definition®.

The MetroPolis® pattern was created by Dom Hyde based on the well-proven and widely-used PenCott® pattern. MetroPolis® is specifically optimized for industrial / built-up environments, and low-light / night operations.

The unique color palette of MetroPolis® was derived from an extensive analysis of scientific research by NATO and the US military forces. Hyde also took direct input from elite military and police special operations professionals with recent operational experience in built-up areas.

MetroPolis® incorporates all of the features that make the PenCott® patterns the most advanced and effective concealment solutions on the market today, and joins the existing family of GreenZone®, BadLands®, SnowDrift®, and SandStorm®.

UR Tactical will be featuring samples of their OPS Series “Stealth Warrior Pants” and “Integrated Battle Shirt 2.0” in the MetroPolis® camouflage pattern at their IWA booth – Hall 9, stand #133.


Integrated Battle Shirt 2.0

STE_9760-1 STE_9761-1 STE_9764-1

Features include:

  • Non-restrictive, ergonomic fit
  • Top and side entry chest pockets for easier access under equipment
  • Slanted shoulder pockets with Velcro Panels
  • Shaped elbows reinforced with 500D nylon
  • 3D-shaped removable elbow pads (included)
  • Stretch fabric in upper back and armpit area for greater flexibility
  • Constructed from mil-spec 50/50 NYCO rip-stop fabric


Stealth Warrior Pants

STE_9772-1 STE_9775-1 STE_9776-1

Features include:

  • Non-restrictive, ergonomic fit
  • 8 pockets in total
  • Accepts 1.5″ and 1.75″ belts
  • Double layer seat
  • Double layer knee
  • 3D-shaped removable knee pads (included)
  • Durable Stretch woven fabric around knee area for enhanced flexibility
  • Elastic waist
  • Zipper fly
  • Draw cord lower leg closure
  • Constructed from mil-spec 50/50 NYCO rip-stop fabric




Further information about the full range of UR Tactical’s products and color / camouflage options can be found at www.ur-tactical.com.  UR Tactical can also be found on Facebook and Instagram at:  www.facebook.com/urtactical and www.instagram.com/urtactical


Further information about the PenCott® family of camouflage patterns can be found at www.pencottcamo.com, and on Facebook and Instagram at: www.facebook.com/Pencottcamouflage   and www.instagram.com/pencottcamo


HelikonTex also made its own designs in the new patterns.

blizzard_wildwood_20pc spodnie_wildwood_20pc

mistral_metropolis_20pc spodnie_metropolis_20pc

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