Gunfire – new awesomeness in store today

Gunfire, is here with an awesome offering again. This time including some new items from these awesome makers. The most drool inducing items are from Polarstar and ASG. With special appearance of FMA who changed my mind with LiPo to USB output adapter that makes me gear junkie really happy.


pos pos_siatka_1_en pos_siatka_2_en

We’ve just introduced a completely new brand into our offer – something from more and more popular HPA segment! US brand PolarStar Airsoft is famous for an extremely good quality of their conversions and parts for HPA replicas. Now you can find them in Gunfire – for example Fusion Engine and Jack conversion sets for M4/M16 and AK replicas, as well as for M249 machine guns.



gg gig_siatka_5_en gig_siatka_4_en gig_siatka_3_en gig_siatka_2_en gig_siatka_1_en

We have just received big delivery from G&G – over 300 products! You will find there variety of popular replicas, BBs and airsoft accessories, as well as hot novelties – for example perfect RK74 replicas with KeyMod handguard and ETU module.



olg olg_siatka_3_en olg_siatka_2_en olg_siatka_1_en

Restock of top quality flashlights – Olight. Perfect for EDC and more “tactical” use. In the new delivery you can also find additional accessories – batteries, chargers and mounts.


GFC Energy

gfe gfe_siatka_1_en

We have just received GFC Energy delivery including a lot of products and accessories – LiPo, NiMH and LiFe batteries, adapters and chargers – including Smart Charger™Touch.



mcw mcw_siatka_2_en mcw_siatka_1_en

Excellent Mechanix Wear tactical gloves are very popular all around the world, both among professional military users and civilians like airsoft players or car technicians. In the newest delivery you will find classic models like Original, FastFit or M-PACT® in different colour versions.



fma fma_siatka_3_en fma_siatka_2_en fma_siatka_1_en fma_siatka_6_en fma_siatka_5_en fma_siatka_4_en

You should definitely check awesome novelties from FMA! Among more than 80 new products you will find various accessories, FAST-type helmets and rich selection of excellent aluminum pouches that will definitely have attenttion of professional shooters.



asg asg_siatka_1_en asg_scorpio

Last delivery of ASG products contained a lot of interesting products – among them AR15 rifle replicas licensed by CAA and LMT, different versions of CZ75 pistol as well as excellent CZ SCOROPION EVO 3 A1 replica.

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