NEW colour for IcePlate

IcePlate a freezable water bottle designed to fit between any body armor and base layer. It can cool you down, hydrate you, and protect you, all at the same time. Built for hard use, IcePlate is over designed for improvised uses.

New IcePlate Black Features
  • Anti-Kink Spring
  • Black Bite Valve
  • Integrated Quick Disconnect
  • Optional Dust Cover Kit



Empty, the IcePlate weighs well under a pound at only 12 ounces per plate. IcePlate can hold over 50 ounces of water per plate, which is about 1.5 liters. Plus with the cooling benefit, you won’t need nearly as much water to keep hydrated. Fill with warm water in the colder months to keep warm!

Unlike traditional hydration bladders, IcePlate is equipped with an Asymmetric Low Point Drain, ensuring you can finally drink 100% of the water you carry. Plus IcePlate stacks easily in a cooler so you can carry 30% more water in the same space – meaning huge transport cost savings for institutional mobilizations like disaster relief, war zone deployments or remote work site support.

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