FMA Elastic Load Out System For 5.56

A new line of polymer mag pouches from FMA. And they are a beauty. And they also come in all colours of the tactical rainbow.

fma tb1127-od 1 fma tb1225-de 1(1) fma tb1226-fg 1 fma tb1229-bl 1 fma tb1230-or 1

Different mounting options:


fma 1 bk 1 fma 3 bk 1

Sturdy design with easy replacment parts.

fma tb1224-bk 1 fma tb1224-bk 2 fma tb1224-bk 3 fma tb1224-bk 4 fma tb1224-bk 5 fma tb1224-bk 7 fma tb1224-bk 10

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