King Arms and a bunch of new items

The coming up new M-LOK rifles are brought to you by KING ARMS. Don’t miss it!!



Love your enemies, give them the best!!
High precision BBs , developed for experienced players, ideal for high power AEG and high speed airsoft rifles and pistols.

Platinum Series 6mm BBs – 0.2g / 1KG ( 5000R )👇

Platinum Series 6mm BBs – 0.25g / 1KG ( 4000R )👇

Platinum Series BBs 6mm- 0.23g / 1KG ( 4300R )👇

Platinum Series BBs 6mm- 0.28g / 1KG (3600R)👇

Platinum Series BBs 6mm- 0.30g / 1KG (3300R)👇

Platinum Series BBs 6mm- 0.32g / 1KG (3100R)👇

Bio BBs 6mm – 0.20g / 1KG (5000R)👇

Bio BBs 6mm – 0.25g / 1KG (4000R)👇

Bio BBs 6mm – 0.28g / 1KG (3600R)👇

Bio BB 0.23g / 1KG (4300R)👇

Bio BB 0.30g / 1KG (3300R)👇

Bio BB 0.32g / 1KG (3100R)👇

Platinum Series 6mm BBs – 0.20g / 1KG (5000R) – BK👇

Platinum Series 6mm BBs – 0.25g / 1KG (4000R) – BK👇

Heavy Series 6mm BBs – 0.36g / 1KG (2000R) – WH👇

Heavy Series 6mm BBs – 0.40g / 1KG (2000R) – WH👇

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