FireSupport – ASG GAS BBs EVOs and More

FireSupport is shaping up become one of the most airsofter friendly shops around. Their store is expanding weekly and they restock quite frequently and the items you can buy from their store are not some cheap Chinese replicas. This week they are proud to announce the restocking of ASG. Action Sport Games is one of the high end airsoft manufacturers whose CZ EVO A3 is already legendary.

So here are the news from FireSupport.


Also in stock ASG EVO A1 Carbine £295


Many Many more ASG products back in stock

NEW products Just in from Action sport Games, soon to be available on the web site

Ultimate Motor BOOST 40K Custom long
Ultimate Motor BOOST 30K Custom long
ASG GBBR PL Special Teams Carbine Gas Rifle
ASG Sprotline M14 wood effect Airsoft Gun AEG
ASG Sportline MP5 BT5 A5 black Airsoft Gun AEG
ASG Crane stock M15/M4 desert.
Ultimate Spring guide ver.6/7 gearbox
ASG Revolver GNB CO2 DW 715 6″ low power silver
ASG Revolver GNB MB CO2 Dan Wesson 6″ silver
ASG GBB CZ P-09, FDE fullcolor  GBB Pistol
ASG Crane stock M15/M4 black
HERA Grip HERA HFG black
ASG Barrel extension tube HUSH XL universal long
Strike Scope 4×32 red/green cross sight w.fibre optics
ASG Cartridge 6mm Moon Clip DW gen1 & 715, 6 pcs
ASG shotgun Franchi SAS 12 3 – burst
ASG shotgun SL Franchi SAS 12 Short 3 – burst
ASG Shotgun Franchi SAS 12 flex stock
ASG Airsoft, Shotgun Franchi Tactical
ASG Airsoftrifle, SL, GNB, Tactical Sniper
Marushin Airsoftpistol, GNB, Derringer,Silver
ASG Airsoftpistol, GNB, MK1, Hop-up
ASG AEG, SLV, ARMALITE M15, Light Tactical Carbine AEG
ASG Grip, forward, RIS, metal, adjustable, black
Strike Systems pro optic Grip, forward, RIS, black
ASG Magazine clip, M15 / M16
ASG Rail for M15/M4 handguard
ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Spring M95 spring
ASG Parts kit, TAC rifles series
ASG Parts kit, BERSA pistol series
ASG Flashlight, 3W, LED, Multifunction
Strike Systems pro optic Dot sight, red/green, 21mm mount
Strike Systems pro optic Dot sight, 030mm, red/green, 21mm mount
Strike Systems Dot sight, compact.,red
ASG Tactical light/laser with mount
Strike Systems pro optic Metal mount base, MP5/G3 series
ASG Metal mount base, M14 series
Strike Systems pro optic Offset Sight 30mm
ASG Shooting Target, Auto reset
ASG Shooting targets, Zombie, 14cm, 100pcs
Strike Systems tactical g Belt holster, DW Revolver, 2.5″ / 4″, black
Strike Systems tactical g Molle attachment, for polymer holster,.FDE
Strike Systems tactical g Cartridge holder, for stock, Franchi , black
ASG Magazine, Gas, long, Special Teams Carbine
ASG Magazine, GBB, CO2, M9, 25 rnd
ASG Magazine, Gas, short, Special Teams Carbine
ASG Magazine, CO2, CZ 75 P-07 DUTY
ASG Magazine, AEG, Steyr AUG A1/A2/A3, 330 rnd
ASG Magazine, AEG, SLV, M14, 400rnd
ASG Airsoftrifle, SL, Spring, Urban Sniper
ASG Magazine, spring, M40A3 black
ASG Magazine, AEG, AK series, Flash, 520 rnd
ASG Magazine, AEG, M15/M16 series, Flash 360rnd.
ASG Magazine, AEG, 300 rd. M15 series, Polymer., tan
ASG Magazine, AEG, Steyr AUG A1/A2/A3, 110 rnd.
ASG Magazine, AEG, G36, 470 rndfs
ASG Magazine, Spring, Urban Sniper
ASG Magazine, AEG, 300 rd. M15 series, Polymer, black
ASG High grade lubricant, 220m
ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Airsoftrifle, AEG Sprayed Blue


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