Crosman Announces Exclusive Partnership With AimCam Sports Glasses


Today’s news are great for us airsoft freaks that want to have a reliable and light action camera for our shenanigans. So here it is a cooperation with Crosman and AimCam sport glasses.

Crosman Announces Exclusive Partnership With AimCam Sports Glasses

Bloomfield, NY- The Crosman Corporation is pleased to announce a partnership with UK-based AimCam as the exclusive marketer and distributor to the US and Canadian markets of the AimCam camera glasses system. AimCam is a revolutionary, patented adjustable point-of-view camera built into durable safety glasses and will be available under the CenterPoint brand.

“We are excited to be partnering with the team at AimCam and working with them to bring their industry-leading technology to outdoor sports enthusiasts,” says Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Lambert.  “AimCam has provided a solution for POV cameras that allows hunters, shooters, gamers, and adventure sports athletes of all kinds to uniquely capture and share their experiences and we look forward to spreading the word about AimCam’s benefits and capabilities.”

Unlike fixed angle POV cameras, AimCam allows users to adjust the miniature 1080p camera precisely to the direction of the action or their particular line of sight when participating in precision aiming sports/activities. The AimCam Live app which is available for IOS and Android devices gives users the ability to live stream their POV, and share their memorable moments directly with friends. The free app can be used to review recorded footage and audio in seconds – even in slow motion. The AimCam has a built in rechargeable lithium battery and will also work via any USB power bank allowing for an extended run time. The AimCam glasses come with a set of three Hi-Quality UV protection – Z87 safety lenses, clear, yellow high-contrast and dark tinted/polarized, making them perfect for all action sports like hunting, fishing, shooting, airsoft, skiing and riding.

“After many years of hard work we are thrilled to be partnering with Crosman and their strong team of sales and marketing professionals to bring AimCam to the US and Canadian Markets,” says AimCam’s CEO and founder Jamie Marston. “AimCam frees users from the limitations of fixed angle cameras and captures the action the way users see it happen which is why our slogan is “see it your way”.  We look forward to growing with Crosman during these exciting times.”

The CenterPoint AimCam will be available at major sporting goods and electronics retail stores in the fall.


Crosman’s roots began with a simple yet powerful credo of quality and innovation. From its inception, Crosman’s principal products have served the shooting sports, primarily airguns and airgun ammunition. Today, Crosman has a diversified product lineup that includes optics, archery, and airsoft products, while continuing sustained growth in airguns. For more information visit or email Jason Reid at


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