Gunfire wishes you happy New Year with a bunch of awesome items.

The 2017 is here and so the life continues. For easier transition in the 2017 our friends at Gunfire informed us about these useful items they got in stock. Also their warehouse cleaning sale is still in effect so many many items can be had for exceptionally low prices. So this new arrivals include Tag wear, GFC, Nuprol, Mactronic, Helikon and trusty Mora knives and my favourite Tactical Game Innovations grenades and 40mm projectiles. These are real game changer and they introduce new dimensions and realism in the airsoft matches.


TAG Wear

We just received another shipment of clothing and equipment from Russian brand TAG Wear / Modoks! Products from this brand are used by Russian soldiers and we have received some definitely interesting things like “Gorka” and “Chimera” sets, KZM uniforms and various tactical vests including full “Smersh” system for AK.

tag_siatka_en_1 tag_siatka_en_2


New delivery of Abbey products from Britain is here! among them you will find maintenance products and different kinds of gas, for example Vertex Gas and Brut Sniper Gas with new formula

abb_siatka_1_en abb_siatka_2_en



pel_siatka_1_en pel_siatka_2_en

GFC Tactical

gft_siatka_1_en gft_siatka_2_en

Tactical Game Innovation

tgi_siatka_1_en tgi_siatka_2_en



nup_siatka_1_en nup_siatka_3_en nup_siatka_2_en


mac_siatka_1_en mac_siatka_2_en



hel_siatka_1_en hel_siatka_2_en hel_siatka_3_en hel_siatka_4_en hel_siatka_5_en


mra_siatka_1_en mra_siatka_2_en

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