FireSupport and their awesome Summer sale

Firesupport is one of my favourite stores in Europe. They always have something nice in stock and if by any chance it is out then you don’t need to wait long for them to be back. This time I am proud to share their news about the summer sale.

For all the fans of SRS sniper rifles you can now get them 10% off. So dig in.



Next in line is the great G3 SG1 rifle from the renowned manufacturer LCT. Their real steel airsoft replicas are still one of the most desired rifles in airsoft circles.


And now we arrive at ASG Scorpion EVO A1 the lovely gun I had the chance to test extensively and I must say that its advance design is still relevant on the airsoft field. ASG is also known for their continuous upgrades and solid customer support so in the end when you buy the rifle from them you can expect superb design that will be reliable a long time.


 Every sniper needs a reliable sidearm and when you need a lot of support the ICS bundle with additional magazines will save your day. 20180726ics

And also Krytac is back in stock 😉



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