ASG Scorpion EVO 3A1 AEG – In Depth Review, Part 1

Around 2 weeks ago a package came through the post that made my day look like Christmas. Thank you note goes to Christian Kaae Olsen, the marketing manager at Action Sport Games. In the package was, as you already know, their flagship AEG gun: Scorpion EVO 3A1.


Package included tactical carrying bag specifically designed for the EVO, three extra mid cap magazines and two clips for their connection. All in all well balanced package that I am more than happy to test.

2015.06.16 cz002

The story of Scorpion EVO 3A1

The gun was first launched in 2009 by a gun manufacturer ?esk Zbrojovka from Czech Republic. It was meant to replace the original Scorpoin CZ, was chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, is light weight, compact submachine gun designed to be easily maneuvered in constrained spaces. The A1 features a select fire switch, giving the operator the choice of semi-automatic, three round burst, or fully automatic fire. It comes equipped with a folding, adjustable and fully removable stock for easy transport. The hand guard is lined with multiple Picatinny Rails for the additional attachments.


Weight: 2,77kg

Length: 670mm stock unfolded and 410mm with the stock folded

Barrel length: 196mm

Width: 60mm

Height: 262mm

The ASG version of the Scorpion EVO 3A1

I had the lucky chance to compare the real steel version to the one from ASG and I must say that the only difference I found was in the weight. Airsoft version weighs only 2,3kg. The body of the gun is also made from the same polymer material, or so similar that I dont feel or see the difference.

You can see that by yourself in the pictures below, The one without the hop up is the real one 😉

2015.06.16 cz003

2015.06.16 cz004

2015.06.16 cz005

Ergonomics of the guns are phenomenal, as the pistol grip is no wider than the original, despite the motor it holds and the grip has just the right angle to be comfortable all day long.

2015.06.16 cz006

Usually questions are raised about the polymer body. As many people are a bit skittish when it comes to AEGs with plastic externals. But be assured that this is not the case when it comes to EVO. The first time you open the box and hold your gun, you start to realize that it is, simply put, a masterful example of engineering. Pistol grip is made for your hands, collapsible stock is right where you need it for support and has no wobble whatsoever.

2015.06.16 cz007

Bottom line, gun feels like a solid chunk of awesomeness. Futuristic look will make other airsofters jealous and the performance is beyond expectations for a submachine gun. Bottom line: it acts like a full-fledged assault rifle.

The works

The EVO is truly an ASG flagship. As they went and put so many bells and whistles that its staggering. The end result is a full functional replica that will make you smile and wish for a weekend when you can finally go shoot some friends in the woods.

2015.06.16 cz008

Ambidextrous fire selector has four options: Safe, Semi-auto, 3 round burst and full-auto. The selector action is crisp but for my taste a bit short. As I usually overshot the semi and land on a burst mode. But that is something I need to practice at.

2015.06.16 cz009

Trigger pull is laughably easy as you are not working with the regular AEG switch but a micro controller supplied by Airsoft Systems, whic produces the best ASCU unit on the market. So be mindful at what you shoot as the response of the gun is rally fast. When firing I got an average of 403 FPS or 122m/s. So the gun is quite a beast. Video of its performance will be up soon.

2015.06.16 cz010

When you run out of your 75 bbs per magazine the gun stops shooting, as the specially designed magazines push the button in the magwell.

2015.06.16 cz011

The magwell and its kill switch

2015.06.16 cz012

The feature only seen in Systema guns until now. Magazines are quite big, more than MP5 so pick your pouches accordingly. My open top M4 pouches work well so there is that.

To continue you need to remove the empty magazine, magazine release is comfortable and well placed, then insert the new one and push the bolt release. In this the gun comes close to simulating the actions of the real firearm, it also prevents firing the gun dry. Which ads to the realism.

2015.06.16 cz013

Hand-guard has rails mounted on all 4 sides so you will have enough place to mount all your favourite attachments.

2015.06.16 cz014

For battery replacement you need to unscrew the flashider and the locking nut. The locking nut has an 18mm clockwise thread so you will need to buy a special adapter for your 14mm CCW silencer. But that is only a minor detail.

2015.06.16 cz015

When removing the hand-guard please be careful as the charging handle and its spring is not hold firmly and it can easily fall out. Also when you have the hand-guard off you can easily switch the front sling mount from left to right.

2015.06.16 cz016

The battery compartment is a bit tight so your normal batteries will not fit. I recommend 11,1V LiPo battery with 3 sticks. As those can be easily inserted, you can also work with battery provided by ASG with a stock number 18156.

2015.06.16 cz017 2015.06.16 cz018

When you attach the battery you need to wait for a beep from the micro controller as it signals that the battery is healthy and you are ready to go. Also after each game do remove the battery as the controller still draws power and after a while it can drain your battery. And that is when dealing with LiPo batteries never a god idea.

Hop up unit was specially designed for the EVO and despite a bit of a weird look it does work nicely. Ratchet system prevents the unwinding and so the shots stay consistent through the play

2015.06.16 cz019

2015.06.16 cz020

I arrived at the end of the review of external, easily accessible parts. Now it is time to get dirty and see what makes this gun tick. What follows is in depth tutorial how to take this gun apart.


Step by Step Disassembly of SCORPION EVO 3A1 AEG from ASG

Step 1:

Remove the flashider and locking nut

2015.06.16 cz021

2015.06.16 cz022

Step 2:

Slide the handguard of the gun watch for the charging handle and its spring as they are easily misplaced2015.06.16 cz023

Step 3:

push the spring lock at the back of the gun and remove the collapsible stock by pushing it upward from the pistol-grip.2015.06.16 cz024

2015.06.16 cz025

Step 4:

Remove the main spring. Easiest way is with hex screw.2015.06.16 cz026

2015.06.16 cz027

2015.06.16 cz028

As you can see the spring is tampered well and also quite strong. I would give her rating SP120 but that is only my impression. Also the spring guide is made from white metal with Teflon washer so it will work great for extended periods of time. You can upgrad it with steel version with with thrust ball bearing if you want.

Step 5:

Remove the pistol grip plate, remove the motor and pistol grip screws.2015.06.16 cz029

2015.06.16 cz030

2015.06.16 cz031

As you can see the base plate is quite heavy looking and in this case it is true.

2015.06.16 cz032

The motor does has the markings of a basic one but it is everything but that. The gun uses active braking, so anti reversal latch is not needed, as the motor does all the work. By the feel it is stronger than many high torque motors and it will run springs strong as M160 as was tested by the manufacturer.

2015.06.16 cz033

2015.06.16 cz034

2015.06.16 cz035

As you can see the grip holds on to the gearbox with 4 hex screws. All screws in this gun are quality steel and will not get damaged with use.

Step 6:

remove the three screws that hold the pistol grip and lower receiver attached to gearbox.2015.06.16 cz036

With these 3 screws removed you can now slide off the pistol grip but I do not recommend that as the hole for cables is a bit small and it can be tricky putting them back so just slide down but not all the way off as I have done in my case 😀2015.06.16 cz037

Step 7:

Remove the lower receiver pin.2015.06.16 cz038

Just push it with finger, it goes easy.2015.06.16 cz039

Step 8:

Firmly grip the lower and slide it down. And you are half way there 🙂2015.06.16 cz040

The closer look at all the parts:

Bolt catch lever:

2015.06.16 cz041

Fire selector gears are quality made:2015.06.16 cz042

Micro switches:2015.06.16 cz043

Wiring:2015.06.16 cz044

Magazine empty switch:2015.06.16 cz045

Step 9:

Remove all the upper receiver screws.2015.06.16 cz046

Now you will have access to gearbox, barrel and hop up unit. Take care of the bolt cover spring as it is quite happy to escape under table.

2015.06.16 cz047

2015.06.16 cz048

2015.06.16 cz049

2015.06.16 cz050

Now the barrel.

2015.06.16 cz051

2015.06.16 cz054

2015.06.16 cz053

2015.06.16 cz052

Please note that you can remove the upper receiver and barrel and still keep the lower part assembled (gearbox, lower receiver, grip and motor) if you would want to service hopup, change inner barrel or similar. So disassembly can be done in the following order – 1,2,3,9 ad you now have access to barrel unit without the disassembly of the lower receiver.

The beautiful gearbox:2015.06.16 cz055

2015.06.16 cz059

2015.06.16 cz058

2015.06.16 cz057

2015.06.16 cz056

Step 10:

Gearbox disassembly is similar to V3 as you need to slide off the upper plate then remove all the remaining screws. Also remove theambidextrousselector lever.2015.06.16 cz060

Now pry it apart carefully as the Airsoft Systems control unit is made from two parts. You will see this:2015.06.16 cz061

Upper has one part:2015.06.16 cz062

And lower the other one:

2015.06.16 cz063

All the inner parts are of the highest quality, well-greased and with excellent compression despite the lack of inner O-ring in the nozzle.2015.06.16 cz064

2015.06.16 cz065

2015.06.16 cz066

The only two problems I saw were a minor ones. One was small lack of shimming but that was solved in seconds and the marks seen on the picture were from testing the gun at the factory. So even without my tweaking it still works as a dream out of the box.

2015.06.16 cz067

The other problem, or more of a guideline. Do take care when assembling the two parts back. As the pins connecting the two part control unit from Airsoft Systems are a bit delicate. So take care and do not bend them. Two halves of the gearbox come together as Legos so any unnecessary force is not needed.

Picture of pins:2015.06.16 cz068


Well thought of design and follow-through

Clunky polymer body with zero tolerances so there is no wobble anywhere

Quick spring change

Ambidextrous controls

Airsoft Systems fire controller is a dream to play with

Realistic behaviour is a big plus

-Consistency when firing and with that precision


Aint exactly cheap, but you get a lot of bang for your bucks

Magazines are only 75 rounds but you really wont need more

Battery must be removed immediately after use but that is normal safe practice anyway

2015.06.16 CZ001

Ending thoughts

The gun is in my opinion the next level in Airsoft evolution, as it brings high end aftermarket upgrades in reasonably priced package. It is awesome to hold and look at. Made from all the best materials. Has a ton of upgrades you normaly dont find in AEG rifles. In my opinion a great buy that will be with you on the field for a long time.

And how to conclude this review. I do not really plan to. During following months I will bring to you videos of the Scorpion in action, also I will ask for impressions from other players so you will get a more diverse look at the gun so stay tuned.


Ive Zagorc, Editor in Chief

Photos by:Matic Zalaznik

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