STEN MKII GBBR for preorder at UN Company

I am a huge fan of WWII weaponry and as I own real steel Lee Enfield No4 MkII I must posses this STEN as this is the only way to legally own full auto weapon 😀 And now it arrived, the GBB version not the AEG. So preorder one and enjoy.

2018.09.07 sten 01

Northeast STEN MK2 GBBR

-Color: Black

-Material: Steel (excluding breech block in aluminum alloy)

-Loading Capacity: 32 Rounds 6mm BBs

-Firing Mode: Semi/Full Auto

-System: Open Bolt GBB w/ TM Hop-Up system

-Realistic markings/structure/manufacturing

-Manganese phosphate coating

-Length: 760mm

-Barrel Length: 175mm

-Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual

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