LONGBOW the best heavy BB’s for snipers and much much more.

The first time I heard about LONGBOW BB’s I was sceptical as I am used to promises that usually do not deliver. But this time it was not the case. I received a small test package with longbow  BB’s from a friend at Skirmshop.nl and I have fallen in love in seconds. The beautifully polished heavy veight BB’s were calling to me like rare pearls from the caribbean. And the performance is out of this world. As I am usually running Madbull, Guarder or King Arms I was not prepared for this level of quality. Don’t get me wrong. These other BB’s work great when you are playing assault or DMR but when you need the range and precision for that sweet kill they come just a little short.

So here comes the Longbow with their fancy heavys and they deliver. I am really not used to pinpoint accuracy at 80m so the first time the opponent raised his kill rag I was NOOO WAY.  From that moment the day only got better.  And now the LONGBOW is expanding their inventory and snipers around the world can rejoice.



new slings


or awesome silencers that I would sell my soul for.


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