IWA 2018 – Fight Club Custom and Iron Airsoft Stall

Fight Club Custom is a firm that specializes in production of quality aftermarket parts for PTW systems and boy they are god. Next is Iron Airsoft whose products are getting more popular by day. I am a proud owner of their high capacity magazine which I use when playing support roles. And you know what their magazine is the only one that can keep up with polarstars rate of fire.

20170305 IWA 199

20170305 IWA 209

20170305 IWA 208

20170305 IWA 207

20170305 IWA 206

20170305 IWA 205

20170305 IWA 204

20170305 IWA 203

20170305 IWA 202

20170305 IWA 201

20170305 IWA 200


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