eHobby News – G&P x Polar Star exciting new product reveal!

G&P two of my favourite firms got together and made something magical. And I approve from the bottom of my wicked airsoft heart.


Offical Polar Star HPA electro-pneumatic system + all G&P custom HPA parts!
G&P is releasing an exciting line of new products built fully in their high quality parts soon!

Polar Star

A company (since 2009) known for their widely successful “Fusion Engine” that converts standard AEGs into an HPA (High Pressure Air) system that’s electro-pneumatically driven! These run on an external air tank instead of batteries or propane type gas.
It is a top of the line HPA system!
Polar Star make 3 products that can make the conversion, the Polar Star Jack, F1, and their top of the line product, the Fusion Engine.

G&PxPolar Star
G&P’s release utilizes the Jack that replaces all analog/mechanical parts inside the gearbox, replacing the Cylinder/Piston set while keeping the V2 gearbox shell.

This system provides amazing features that are easily & quickly programmable via a Fire Control Unit! All systems are customizable from FPS, Burst & Rate of Fire that can range from a 25 rps to an insane 80 rps!! Trigger response is also better like GBB!



Benefits of G&PxPolar Star
This system is very stable under a wide weather & temperature conditions with very stable FPS shooting thanks to its electro-pneumatic system. It is low maintenance & quick programming too!




Product Line
Expect a new line M4 & M249 series by G&P! Fully built & ready for skirmish out of the box!

For safety, G&P’s Polar Star HPA systems are fixed to a hard limit of under 2J and cannot be programmed to fire over HK legal limit.
Please be advised, A line, regulator, and HPA tank are necessary for function!

And the video:

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