Semapo Gear – Maximum Stretch Windstop – the new standard in windstopper design

Semapo Gear really outdid themselves with this awesome new product. Maximum Stretch Windstop was designed and developed by Semapo Gear in collaboration with an ex – Devgru operator. So all the functions of this windstopper are designed for use in the field. I will stop now and let you enjoy this masterpiece in peace.

Maximum Stretch Windstop

designed, developed by SEMAPO GEAR with ex-Devgru (US Navy Seal) operator.


– water proof

– stretch

– breathable


– water proof zipper

You can carry this unique wind breaker in a small pouch (packable). Despite small size it still provides maximum comfort in cold weather & is water proof in brief rain. Gives you maximum freedom of movement as it is constructed with stretch fabric.

It is water proof wind breaker, while still beeing  ‘breathable’ wind breaker. That means that it blocks outside water but lets the moisture pass. In sudden onset of rain, you just pull it out and wear over your clothes for protection against. ( only for brief rain ). You can use in your daily life as well as in tactical life.

Now go get this cool wind breaker !

extreme experience for extreme players. SEMAPO GEAR.

* we are getting reservation while under production

* lead time is 1st week of Nov

* for pre-order benefit : ship in fast


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