Semapo Gear: Announcing the restocking of NCPC tactical vest

Semapo Gear?announced today that they have restocked their most popular vest. The NCPC (Navy Command Plate Carrier). ?As you can see the vest is amazing and worthy addition to your gear. Especially as Semapo Gear is one of the best manufacturers and it’s gear is well made and ruggedized.


2016.08.05 Semapo WP001

2016.08.05 Semapo WP002

2016.08.05 Semapo WP003

2016.08.05 Semapo WP004

2016.08.05 Semapo WP005

2016.08.05 Semapo WP006

2016.08.05 Semapo WP007

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