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7.?? ?In a case, where the owners & editors of Airsoftnews.EU or any part of it, are made aware that content, oppinion, message, information or a link to another page is in violation of any law or rule published on this website, they herewith commit themselves that the content, oppinion, message, information or a link to another page will be removed within 72 hours after being notified of it. The owners and editors will in such case try to establish contact with the author of the article or news, from whom the message originates from. Should the author or the advertiser insist that the news be published with the controversial content, the owners and editors will re-publish the news, but only when the full name, address & contact information of the author or the advertiser will be supplied and pblically published with the news or article. The owners and editors still reserve the the right to publish such content according to their own judgement and discretion.

8.?? ?All information, content and materials on Airsoftnews.EU are published for popular and informational purposes and are not intended as a replacement for profesional and expert guidance and/or advice. The content is by no means intended as a substitute for expert technical, tactical and safety knowledge and/or advice. Always seek profesional advice at your chosen expert and do not rely on up-to date and accuracy of information on AirsoftNews.EU. Information, content, oppinions, messages and services can contain inaccuracies, typing errors. The owners and editors reserve the right to change and/or correct any information, oppinion, content, message or service published on Airsoftnews.EU.

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a. ?? ?A writen permission is obtained from Airsoftnews.EU.
b. ?? Airsoftnews.EU is cited as the source of the content with full name and a direct link to the content of the source.
c. ?? ?A full name of the author of the original article, news, article, oppinion, photograph is cited.

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a. ?? ?When publishing content, “Airsoftnews.EU” must be clearly visible.
b. ?? ?The user must be guided by a URL link to the content on Airsoftnews.EU in a separate window and not as a part of another website, or an option to switch to a separate window must exist.

16.?? ?This legal notice can be changed withut warning, announcement, clarification or justification by Airsoftnews.EU. This legal notice binds the user or/and visitor in every changed form to comply with all the rules written herein. We therefore strongly recommend that the users and visitors regularly check for changes of the legal notice on our website. By using Airsoftnews.EU you have confirmed thast you are aware of these rules and agree with these terms and conditions. Any use of? that would be in? contradiction with these rules and terms is strictly forbidden. Any users and visitors that use Airsoftnews.EU in any way other than the one described in these terms and conditions is liable for any damages and compensations.

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19.?? ?These terms and conditions present a contract that is line with the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia. Should it become apparent, that certain part or parts of these terms and conditions are not in line with the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia, than those part or parts will no longer be used and instead legal terms and regulations from the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia that cover the area of legal issues that is closest to the invalid part of these terms and conditions will be used.

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