King Arms 9mm SBR PDW final review

Quite a few months has passed since I got the King Arm’s SBR for a review, in this time the gun went through a plethora of upgrades and in the end became my go to gun which does not disappoint.

In this review I will list all the modifications I made.

  1.  Replacing the stock gearbox with Polarstar’s Fusion egine V2 gen 2 (Yes gen 2 and it is 6 years old.) Why am I sticking to HPA. Because in all those 6 years the only cost I had with the repairs was 160€ (140€ for replacing the solenoids, 20€ for O-ring replacements). Primarily HPA is used because of reliability  and quick adaptation to the game play modes. (Changing from forest type J limits to CQB J limits in mater of minutes). Also when using  HPA effectiveness of airsoft silencers can come in to play. When playing with AEG silencers are can be only a fashion statement but on HPA all new world of sneakiness opens up.
  2. HOP UP assembly. King Arms stock hop up, barrel and rubber are great but there is nothing that can’t be improved. As I was already moving from M4 system to SBR I decided to cannibalize the whole assembly. During trial run with the stock inner barrel (134 mm) I came to conclusion that the length of the barrel does not really helps in extending the range only good HopUp does. So my precious ORGA 6,23mm barrel visited my gunsmith friend and got shortened to 200mm. The rubber I use is pink maple leaf macaron and I am replacing it every 6 months. During the replacement my inner barrel also gets a nice acetone bath, with it I can get rid off all the BB’s residues. The hop up chamber that is my go to for 2 years already is MAXX Model one. I know many of you have different setups that work for you but this is mine and I am happy with it. And in the end that is all that matters.
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