BOYI: Mauser Kar98K

I very like to make a full circle when we first announce and than review a replica. Boyi’s Karabiner Kar98K is a replica of Mauser K98k. And this review will try to answer to the age old question: is it worth its asking price? Why, yes it is.

K (“kurz” aka short) version of Mauser was adopted in 1935 and is direct descendant of Mauser Gewehr 98. Idea of bolt action rifle as military weapon is fairly simple: it uses a heavy, large calibre bullet, with maximum range well over 2000 meters. This principle was adopted by all armies at the time and in the First World War and German Imperial Army used Mauser 1898. Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar98k) is somewhat shorter version, adopted by German Wehrmacht. And after 6 blood soaked years, it gained a reputation. Morbid history aside, Kar98k is nowadays an excellent hunting and sports rifle.
Karabiner K98K was copied by pretty much anyone, including Yugoslavia. I have a considerable experience with its Yugoslav copy (clone), called M48. Smell of evaporating Cosmoline will stick with me forever…

Anyhow, Boyi was fairly successful in transiting this features into airsoft replica. Chinese manufacturers learned the lesson that first impression sells. Virtually all latest replicas come in Styrofoam boxes with printed cover. As always, box was shot to hell, but replica was undamaged and that is what counts.

When you pick up the replica, you will start grinning; it is very sturdy and exact copy of the real one. Visually, it is very very good. Metal parts’ finish seems on par with the finish of newer Chinese replicas (still not fully abrasion resistant). There is no plastic parts- except stock, that is. Wood grain is well replicated, and with exception of the butt stock doesn’t sound hollow.
Also, there is almost no creaking, despite plastic furniture. Sling sviwels are there and original Kar98k’s sling should fit like a glove.

Metal parts are mostly die- casted. Overall quality of casting is not bad and there is no visually detracting seam lines. Cleaning rod is screwed into position and is not full length one.
Bolt is easily removable via small lever on the side.

One of the essential additions for (at least real) Kar98 is the bayonet. Bayonet stud is there, and it is compatible with M48 type bayonet (aforementioned Yugo clone of Kar98k). It may require a slight sanding, but nothing major. Naturally, use of bayonet is not an option at skirmish.

Front “blade type” sight is covered with sight hood to protect from glare and damage.
Rear sight is adjustable to (very optimistic) 2000 meters by increments of hundred meters. Adjustable HopUp (small Hex screw for adjustment is enclosed in the package) is located under rear sight.

Sight picture takes some time to get used to it. While not being counter intuitive, it is still an old school system, which takes some practice to be really proficient with.

Replica weights 2.95 kg. It has a fairly good balance. It is worth mentioning that while version with plastic stock is somewhat cheaper, we still recommend wood stock version for additional rigidity.

Replica has output speeds of average 90 m/s with .20g BBs. Output is fairly consistent, shots are all placed in 25 cm x 25 cm rectangle at 40 meters.

As you probably guessed by now, this replica requires a bolt cycling every time in order to fire. Action is straightforward (a bit of a pun there)- bolt handle is lifted, pulled back, pushed forward and bolt handle again lowered into position. Replica is cocked and ready to fire.

Safety is located on the rear of the bolt and is engaged if the lever is flipped to the right.

One of the interesting features of the replica are shells. Shells are in the general shape of the 8×57 Mauser ammunition. They are made out of metal, with o-ring on the top (which holds BB into position) and bottom (seals the nozzle).

BBs are simply pushed into position and shells are inserted into internal magazine. Its capacity is five rounds (or in our case shells). Please note that the fifth shell may require more force to be pushed into position.


Shells are metal, but as you probably expected, aren’t exactly made out of very high quality metal. Extractor leaves marks on the bottom of the shells, however we didn’t encounter any FTEs (failures to extract) and even with couple of hundred BBs fired shells still work as they should. They look a little beaten, that’s it.

Whole bolt action is realistic. Spring is cocked when the bolt is pushed forward, which offers similar resistance like the real one does. Sadly, there is currently not possible to change the spring, which is factory sealed in the bolt.

Basic maintenance is simple. As mentioned, bolt is removed by pressing bolt release and pulling bolt back.
As there is lot of movement, clean and lube moving parts. Shells are launched out of the replica and may land in the dirt. Before you use them again, make sure that they are clean enough so you don’t introduce dirt into the mechanism.

Another feature, useful for basic maintenance is removal of the floor plate. Floor plate is secured with single screw and enables cleaning of internal magazine. Such cleaning is useful, if you disregard warning about using of dirty shells and manage to get dirt into it.

It is nothing wrong to periodically check, clean and lube magazine spring and magazine follower. Remember, there is lot of movement and friction.

Boyi Kar98k is reliable. There were no really big problems with function. Much to our surprise, I might add. Couple of easily correctable problems with extraction occurred, but that is pretty much it. Shooting is fun and replica is authentic enough to make a handling really nice experience.

And authenticity is actually only problem with replica. Use of shells makes it less suitable for use in skirmishes. Also, lack of accessories may pose problem for some. At least scope mount is available… but not for purchase in EU/USA yet, which is a crying shame.

And now, final verdict. One, it is well made. Two, it is fun to work with bolt. Three, it is impractical as hell. It is not a skirmish viable replica- searching for shells is not my idea of fun. It is a nice wall hanger, a nice prop and excellent plinker. Indeed, this is its primary function. Boyi Kar98k is fun back yard plinker. And sometimes is this all we require.

Test item provided by Rsov

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