Airsoft-International new additon to their lineup: The Poseidon B&W

Airsoft-International has some new items for you in stock the Poseidon B&W The premium line of AEG internals and GBB airsoft pistol replicas. Go check them out by clicking on the picture below.

And much much more.

The thing that interests me the most is the other addition in their store that went a bit unnoticed.

The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE, or EPM1, is the most advanced and highest capacity AEG Mid-Cap magazine ever made. Aptly named EPM1, this charger is the FIRST in many ways: EPM1 is the first collaborative development between PTS and Odin Innovations EPM1 is the first Mid-Cap charger for AEG to rival the capacity of a high capacity charger with its capacity approximately 250 balls · EPM1 is the first AEG magazine with an “ammo gauge” window to indicate the remaining level of balls · EPM1 is the first magazine to reliably achieve both high load capacity and high rate of fire Externally, the EPM1 has also been significantly updated. As with the original EPM and all PTS polymer products, The EPM1 housing is made of Dupont Zytel® polymer which makes it extremely durable and resistant. Another feature is the Magwell guide to reduce snagging when removing or inserting into the magazine pocket or Magwell of the rifle. Our signature EP texture has been implemented in the case to give the charger a better grip and tactile feel. The texture along the edges has been changed to ridges for an even more positive feel and allows the EPM1 to be compatible with the Magpul Maglink® charger coupler. The base of the EPM1 has also been completely redesigned. The sliding design makes the motherboard more durable and resistant to damage or shock if the charger is dropped. It is also significantly thinner than first generation EPMs, so stacking or storing the chargers takes up less space than before. The heel of the base is sloped to act as a monopod during supported shooting and, as before, a marking matrix is ??incorporated into the base for magazine identification. Ribbed front edge provides better grip on the magazine when exiting

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