D EVO and LCO clone review

Some time ago on the shadow side of the interwebs I have found the clone of the popular pair of optics. D EVO and LCO. And as I do like the looks of them but my wallet can’t afford the original I ordered them. Still the price was quite steep for a copy but whatever. You only live once and airsoft is a passion of mine.

The optics arrived nicely packaged as you can see below and with all the markings of the original.

Both of them are looking awesome.



And mounted to my trusty aeg they really stand out.

And the clarity of magnification especially in D EVO is really nice.

But now we arrive at the bad part. As this was one of the first produced quite a few flaws creeped in.

The obvious one is the flaking of black color around the red dot in LCO

Which produces a white spot around the red dot.

And that gets annoying quite fast in the right light. I contacted the seller about it but the solution he provided was not possible as one step before solving it was not possible. In the end I removed the front glass of the red dot and colored the area around the light with black pen. It is not the prettiest solution but it works.

And the biggest grievance I have is with D EVO. And it is quite unexpected. Magnification and retticle work gret but adjusting it to airsoft is quite impossible. Why you ask. Because the item was cloned so perfectly that it is made for real steel guns. And that means you can’t adjust it to closer than 100m. Elevation works nice but with windage you can forget it. Adjusting it to the left stops at the far left of the retticle center so it is useless for me.

The red dot I was able to centre but magnified reticle could not be.

End thoughts.

Pros – looks awesome

Cons – from the pair only LCO works. And even that I had to fix myslef.

If you are looking for the good optic then this is not for you. Better value for money is a combination of Elcan Spectre clone with fixed 4x magnification paired with small red dot on top.

I hope this problems were addressed in later versions but be warry of this kind of optics.

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