Agilite limited edition PenCott – GreenZone helmet cover.

Agilite® Announces Limited-Edition GreenZone® RAPTOR™ Helmet Cover

Israeli tactical gear supremos Agilite® have made a Limited Edition of their RAPTOR Ops Core BUMP helmet cover in PenCott-GreenZone® at an end-user group’s request. Overruns of this unique cover can be purchased here:

One of Agilite‘s specialties is manufacturing precision tactical helmet covers for SOF units and LE Agencies that meet their specific operational requirements and accessory sets, as well as designing and manufacturing covers for some of the largest helmet manufacturers in the Industry.

The RAPTOR helmet cover, as well as the rest of Agilite’s line-up can be produced in any of the PenCott patterns for Retailers and Dealers who would like to add this item to their line-up as regular stock – contact Agilite for further details.

Follow Agilite on Instagram @agilitetactical and Agilite Tactical Gear on Facebook for all their updates and sneak peeks.

Raptor Helmet CoverSTORY-01-01

Pencott Greenzone Helmet Cover-Agilite Raptor 1 Pencott Greenzone Helmet Cover-Agilite Raptor 2 Pencott Greenzone Helmet Cover-Agilite Raptor

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