Eagle6 Airsoft – VSR-10 Advanced Hop Arm

– Designed for higher hop with the heaviest of ammo types.

– Increased Range in VSR’s

– Made from high grade aluminum

– Made in England

e6-vsr-hoparm_1 e6-vsr-hoparm_2 e6-vsr-hoparm_3

Eagle6 Airsoft – VSR-10 Advanced Hop Arm

Product Information –

Here we are again with another eagle6 product, made on a CNC machine in aluminum. The idea here is to improve on the marui hop design which doesnt account for high power and heavy ammo thats used outside of japan or the current trends of using heavier and heavier ammo for increased accuracy at range.

The principle is simple the arm has a steeper slit in the center. Thus when you adjust your VSR with an Eagle6 arm installed it causes the ammo to hop sooner. If your using 0.2s this obviously will result in possibly to much hop. But if your using 0.28 and over what you’ll see is more spin applied to the heavy ammo. What your aiming for with ANY AEG or Sniper is too be ABLE to go too far… you want to see a skyed shot even on HEAVY ammo. Then you know your guns reaching its fullest potential. Then you bring it back to what YOU are happy with as your ideal shot.

This product was designed by us from scratch about 2012 and is identical to the original early type made from plastic which as now been replaced by this single version which is identical but made from ali.  In 2018 we change this product again, improving the size of the fitting hole, adding anodizing for improved look and added logo.  With the market being flooded with arms now we wanted to make sure players know its an eagle6 arm they have.

We recommend this as probably the very first upgrade any vsr gets, followed by power spring, then any other quality of life upgrades you like.  whats really nice about this product is you do not need to heavily mod your VSR with a new hop unit or other upgrades.  you can simply add it too a normal basic VSR and achieve better range and accuracy.

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